Veganuary 2020

Veganuary is the perfect excuse to try some meat-free dishes and start the year on a healthier page.
Did you know Hampshire Libraries have a range of cooking and baking books available to borrow? These includes all kinds of different dietary books, including vegan, sugarfree, vegetarian, gluten-free and diary-free. Have a browse through our 10 favourite vegan cooking and baking books, chosen by staff, and if you would like to borrow a copy, you can reserve the, through the links below.

Image result for 30-minute vegetarian : 100 green recipes to make in 30 minutes or less / Ylva Bergqvist"

30-minute vegetarian
by Ylva Bergqvist

Image result for Dirty vegan - another bite"

Dirty vegan – another bite
by Matt Pritchard

Image result for Green : veggie and vegan meals for no-fuss weeks and relaxed weekends"

by Elly Pear

Image result for My vegan travels : comfort food inspired by adventure"

My vegan travels
by Jackie Kearney

Image result for Vegan cakes and other bakes : 80 easy vegan recipes : cookies, cakes, pizzas, breads, and more / Jérôme Eckmeier, Daniela Lais."

Vegan cakes and other bakes
by Jérôme Eckmeier and Daniela Lais.

Vegan comfort classics
by Lauren Toyota

Vegan on the go
by Jérôme Eckmeier

You can find more vegan cooking and baking books on our online catalogue!

To celebrate veganuary, HC3S Education Catering have launched a writing competition for school children – as well as including a vegan meal on the menu.
If you know any aspiring young writers who would like to take part, then visit their website here!

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National Vegetarian Week 2019

13-19 May is National Vegetarian Month! It’s the perfect excuse to try all those tasty, meat-free dishes you’ve been eyeing but just haven’t got around to actually make!

Eating less meat isn’t just good for your health – it’s good for the environment and the climate. We’ve put together a list of brilliant cooking books to help you kick off the week with tastiness.

The world of the Happy Pear

David and Stephen Flynn put fun, deliciousness and friendship at the heart of their cooking. By showing that vegetarian food is endlessly varied, packed full of flavour and amazingly easy to prepare they want to spread the love for fruit and veg!

The World of the Happy Pear is inspired by David and Stephen’s family, friends and the international team at their legendary café. It includes over 100 mouth-watering and totally doable recipes – like Grilled Halloumi Burger with Sweet Chilli Ketchup and a Garlic Tahini Mayo … Fennel, Ruby Grapefruit, Avocado and Blueberry Salad … Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart.

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The Curry Guy – veggie: over 100 vegetarian Indian restaurant classics and new dishes to make at home

Dan Toombs, The Curry Guy, has been on a quest to learn and develop the most celebrated meat-free Indian recipes, and here he presents over 100 recipes that focus on taste and simplicity.

Bazaar: fresh, flavourful & deeply satisfying vegetarian recipes for every occasion

Fresh veggie kitchen : natural, nutritious and delicious wholefood recipes to nourish body and soul

‘Bazaar’ is a colourful, flavourful, and satisfying celebration of vegetable dishes, designed to suit every occasion and every palate. The magic of this cookbook is that you won’t feel like anything is missing, with dishes full of easy-to-achieve flavours and depth that would win over even the most die-hard carnivore. Each recipe utilizes the abundance of varied flavour profiles of the East, from spices, herbs, and perfumed aromatics to hearty staples such as grains and pulses, combined with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You will find salads for all seasons, spectacular sides, bowl comfort, moreish mains, and sweet treats.

Little green kitchen: simple vegetarian family recipes

Like most families, David and Luise know that the road to feeding your children isn’t always a straight one. They have raised three kids while writing their acclaimed vegetarian cookbooks and have experienced a fair share of food tossed on the floor and soup bowls left untouched. But they have also learned ways around this. In this book, they share their passion for cooking fun, modern, wholesome meals with kids’ palates in mind, but that also are interesting enough for adults to enjoy.

Veggie lean in 15

Get ready for the first veggie cookbook from the nation’s favourite healthy cook and fitness sensation, Joe Wicks. Inside are 100 flavour-packed vegetarian recipes, many of which are also vegan, plus three exclusive Body Coach HIIT workouts and a bonus abs workout. From Smoky Sweet Potato Chilli to ‘Creamy’ Butternut Pasta, ‘Veggie Lean in 15’ features a fantastic range of meat-free dishes, all prepared in 15 minutes flat. The recipes are ideal for full and part-time veggies, as well as those wishing to cut down on eating meat in a healthy and delicious way.

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GreenFeast. Spring, summer 

The ‘GreenFeast’ recipes are for those who want easy recipes for eating more vegetable dishes throughout the week and there will be suggestions for changing up each recipe, as well as lists and lists of quick ideas.

The Indian vegetarian cookbook

Vegetables are an integral part of Indian cuisine – and this collection of 150 healthy and approachable vegetarian recipes showcases an array of delicious breakfasts and drinks, salads, vegetables and legumes, grains, and desserts. Drawing inspiration from India’s myriad regions and culinary traditions, Pushpesh Pant simplifies this hugely popular cuisine with easily achievable, nourishing, and authentic dishes so tasty and satisfying that they are suitable for vegetarians, meat-eaters, and those simply wishing to reduce the amount of meat in their diet.

101 vegetarian grill & BBQ recipes

The sun’s out, your friends are coming over, the fridge is full of crisp white wine chilling nicely and you’re ready to grill. But you have a vegetarian (or two) coming – what to cook? Don’t be fooled into thinking that the marriage of pire heat and raw meat is the only option. There are so many jaw-droppingly delicious and healthy ways to cook all kinds of meat-free food over the coals or on a gas grill. Here you’ll find ultimate inspiration in chapters organized into small bites, skewers, burgers, hot sides, salads, salsas, relishes, and sweet treats.

Bowls of goodness: vibrant vegetarian recipes full of nourishment

Inspired by home cooking and ingredients from around the world, Nina Olsson’s eclectic mix of recipes – which are all vegetarian, and often vegan and gluten-free too – are based on her hugely popular blog and showcase plant based bowl food at its best.

Veggie comfort food

Nutritionist Josephine Ashby has put together over 100 tasty and healthy dishes that are fuss-free, economical, and quick to make. Her book features hearty salads, small plates to share, delicious and filling main meals and colourful, mouth-watering desserts.

Very veggie family cookbook

In a time when more and more people turn their eyes away from the meat counter and look at the vegetables on offer instead, the question of cooking for a young family raises its head. This book contains 60 vegetarian recipes adapted for the family, divided into chapters based on the time it takes to cook them. There are recipes that take only 20 minutes on a stressful day after work, but also dishes for nights in the week when you might be able to spend a bit longer than half an hour on dinner – plus recipes for the weekend that are a bit more demanding, but also a bit more luxurious. There are also recipes for finger food, good snacks, yummy desserts and lots of practical tips.

Saffron soul: healthy vegetarian heritage recipes from India

Indian food is an internationally popular cuisine, yet, unfairly, it is often considered to be heavy, rich and indulgent. With more people than ever before turning to healthy home cooking there has never been a better time for a fresh and lighter take on Indian food – one that Mira is creating with her vibrant and healthy cooking style. In ‘Saffron Soul’, Mira demonstrates her modern interpretations of the Indian classics.

These are just a handful of the many amazing cooking books we have, why not browse the cooking section next time your at the library – maybe you will find some new, exciting recipe!